Lasting Lessons from Life Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:14

By Rev Anthony Hao I like a quote from writer Ernestine Ulmer. She’s famous for her saying, Life is uncertain, eat dessert first. Many are not aware that the saying actually came from the story of a lady who loved dessert. But one day she put off eating her dessert until later that evening. The …

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BSOP 55th Commencement Exercises

Graduation Invite (2014) 022014 Proof c2s220

BSOP 55th Commencement Exercises United Evangelical Church of the Philippines Main Chapel March 30, 2014 (Sunday) 3:30pm   Call us at 2926795 for more details


By Prof. Linda Tue Levi, the son of Alphaeus, to Rabbi Matthias. Blessed be the Name of our Lord who has shown mercy to us all. Thanks be to the God of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and may he bless you richly. Ever since I chose to work for the government, we have …

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Why Do We Need Pastors?

By Dr. Thomas Robert Forster Why do we need pastors? Many years ago, I was asking myself this question. I was a young Christian, faithfully attending church, reading my Bible, growing in faith. And yet, I was wondering about the church, its ministries, and above all, our minister. I didn’t see that much of him …

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BSOP Downtown

2014 Course Offerings WORLD CHRISTIANITY We Christians have a rich heritage which spans the past 2000 years! However, it is a heritage of which few believers are aware. Church History I introduces you to the churches in the ancient and medieval periods. What were those churches like? How did they live out their faith in those days, days …

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