BSOP Online (Season 2)

Taking online courses allows you to learn whatever you want, whenever you can, and wherever you desire. Attending a class is made easier without going to the classroom. Your instructor would assign a day and time that meets your availability, together with your classmates, for a video group chat using Google Hangouts. With G Suite …

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The Goodness of God’s Design for Marriage

Google Hangouts: Youtube LIVE: We’re going LIVE with Dr. Iain Duguid, OT Professor at Westminster Theological Seminary Save the Date!! ♥♥ August 25, 2016, Thursday, 1PM-2PM (GMT+8) Come, join us as Dr. Iain Duguid will speak with us about The Goodness of God’s Design for Marriage. It will be LIVE on Youtube. For …

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BSOP Online Course Offerings

Pastoral Leadership, Samson Uytanlet, Ph.D. Global Missions, Juliet Uytanlet, Ph.D. Folk Religions, Tan Chiu Eng, Ph.D. Apologetics, Dennis Yam, Th.M.   Is Online Learning for you? Are you self-motivated? Are you able to take initiative for learning? Are you comfortable with technology and the use of the Internet? Do you have time management skills? Are …

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