BSOP is a private independent non-stock religious corporation duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as evidenced by Certificate No. 12797, dated June 21, 1957.

It is evangelical in that the Board and the members of the faculty believe that the Holy Bible is God’s only inspired and inerrant word to mankind, and the Christian’s sole rule of faith, authority, and conduct.

It is evangelistic in that the winning of souls to become active witnesses of Christ is held as one of the highest Christian duties.

It is interdenominational in that those who carry administrative, advisory, and teaching responsibilities come from different evangelical and ecclesiastical persuasions. BSOP holds unity with regard to the fundamentals of the faith as a necessity, while recognizing differences in regard to non-fundamentals.


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Mission Statement BSOP exists to assist local churches, parachurch organizations, and church-founded Christian day-schools by training men and women called by God to be leaders and workers in pastorates, missions, and educational settings. BSOP seeks to provide a professional and wholistic Christian training that develops student in the three complementary areas of spiritual growth, biblical …

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The Biblical Seminary of the Philippines (BSOP) was established on June 15, 1957 as the Bible Institute of the Philippines (BIOP), following a year of intense prayer and seeking the Lord’s guidance. In obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord (Matthew 28:18-20), the Seminary was established to prepare and equip dedicated Christians for ministry …

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Historical Highlights

1957 – Bible Institute of the Philippines was founded with Ms. Ruth Britain as acting president. 1959 – First Chinese president Mr. Hsueh Yu Kwong assumed leadership. 1962 – Construction work started at new location in Valenzuela, Bulacan. 1963 – BIOP transferred to present location in Karuhatan, Bulacan. 1970 – Second phase of campus development; construction of basketball court and …

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Statement of Faith

A. The Bible All sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments are inspired by God, and in all spiritual and moral matters the Bible is the believer’s sole rule of faith and conduct (2 Tim. 3:15-17; Isa. 8:20). B. The Triune God God is a triune God; the Father, the Son and the Holy …

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