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The Biblical Seminary of the Philippines (BSOP) was established on June 15, 1957 as the Bible Institute of the Philippines (BIOP), following a year of intense prayer and seeking the Lord’s guidance. In obedience to the Great Commission of our Lord (Matthew 28:18-20), the Seminary was established to prepare and equip dedicated Christians for ministry in the Filipino-Chinese churches. It is one of the earliest seminary in the Philippines & Asia that attracts dedicated youth all over Asia.

In 1963, BIOP transferred to its present campus in Karuhatan, Valenzuela, Bulacan. The newly erected school buildings were set in a quiet and serene environment, away from the bustle of the metropolis.

Due to the growth of Filipino-Chinese churches in recent years, as well as the impracticality of relying on Christian workers coming from abroad, the need to train Filipino-Chinese men and women has increased tremendously. In 1975, the Board of Trustees decided to upgrade the academic level of BIOP to a seminary, changing the name to BSOP. BSOP offered two masters programs (MBS and MCS) and one undergraduate program (BTh). BSOP’s training focused on the three areas of spiritual maturity, biblical knowledge and practical ministry.

In 1990, the old MBS, MCE, and MCS degree programs were upgraded to the Master of Divinity program with majors in Biblical Studies, Christian Education and Christian Studies. The Master of Divinity program with three majors was granted full recognition by the Department of Education (DECS) and also by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) in 1992.

In addition to training matriculated students in degree and certificate programs, BSOP also trains lay people through a variety of special programs. These include CMTC, TEE, conference ministry, and special summer classes in provincial churches. More recently, BSOP has provided special modules for Christian day-school teachers and staff, accredited by CHED/PRC for continuing professional education.

Since 1957, BSOP has graduated more than 400 students. Well over a thousand lay people have been trained in non-academic programs for ministry. Together, they are now serving in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Canada and the United States.

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