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Mission Statement
BSOP exists to assist local churches, parachurch organizations, and church-founded Christian day-schools by training men and women called by God to be leaders and workers in pastorates, missions, and educational settings. BSOP seeks to provide a professional and wholistic Christian training that develops student in the three complementary areas of spiritual growth, biblical knowledge, and ministerial skill. BSOP seeks to help each student develop his or her God-given talents and gifts for works of service in His church and in the world.

Principles of Training
The Seminary uses a three-pronged approach to train its students: professional, personal, and practical. These emphases of training intend to promote a well-rounded and balanced development of the Christian minister, who will be able to communicate God’s message by proclamation and testimony.

Professional Approach
The Seminary aims to help students gain a foundational understanding of the word of God; to acquire skills in handling such knowledge properly; and be able to communicate this knowledge clearly. They will learn different ways of serving and edifying the church toward maturity, as well as to develop the art of proclaiming the gospel of salvation effectively.

Personal Approach
The Seminary aims to assist students in developing Christ-like conduct that confirms to Scriptural teachings; to live out a life characterized by holiness and obedience, not following after worldly patterns but transformed so as to draw others to our Savior and Lord.

Practical Approach
The Seminary also aims to guide students to discover ways of applying biblical knowledge in real-life situations; to gain wisdom through actual ministerial experiences; and to learn how to work with other people, whether superiors, peers, or subordinates.