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Why Do We Need Pastors?

By Dr. Thomas Robert Forster Why do we need pastors? Many years ago, I was asking myself this question. I was a young Christian, faithfully attending church, reading my Bible, growing in faith. And yet, I was wondering about the church, its ministries, and above all, our minister. I didn’t see that much of him …

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Discipleship through Union with Christ

By Rev. Dr. Adamson Co Sometimes in the modern church, we get the impression that becoming a Christian means one must serve the Lord. Service has become the hallmark of Christian spirituality. We cannot deny that service to the Lord is very important in the life of a local church. There are many things in …

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News and Events (July to August 2013)

FACULTY ON MOVE Dr. Joseph Shao spoke during the 28th Anniversary of Iloilo Trinity Chris-tian Church on July 14, 2013. On Au-gust 11-18, he led a team composed of Dr. Tan Chiu Eng, Dr. Irene Tran and Dr. Michael Malessa to Indonesia to attend the Triennial General Assembly of the Asia Theological Association. He also …

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