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The Parable of the Lost Chinese-Filipino Sheep

by Samson Uytanlet, PhD   There is man who owns a hundred sheep which he placed under the care of four shepherds. The one hundred sheep were placed in one sheep pen, and each shepherd was assigned a quadrant within it. The first shepherd is the oldest among the four. His three younger peers perceived …

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Asia Bible Commentary

Psalms 1-72 by Federico Villanueva & Joseph Shao This is a marvellous commentary. It is based on the best recent study of the Psalms, but is very readable, practical and heart-warming. Those praying or preaching on the Psalms will find it a most helpful resource. Gordon Wenham, Biblical Scholar and Lecturer at Trinity College, Bristol, …

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Psalm 104

Marvel about the greatness of God as reflected in nature by Michael Malessa, PhD What would be the best thing to do with Psalm 104? The best thing to do would be to simply read the psalm, enjoy its poetic features and marvel about the greatness of God as reflected in nature. Such a meditation …

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