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The Parable of the Lost Chinese-Filipino Sheep

by Samson Uytanlet, PhD   There is man who owns a hundred sheep which he placed under the care of four shepherds. The one hundred sheep were placed in one sheep pen, and each shepherd was assigned a quadrant within it. The first shepherd is the oldest among the four. His three younger peers perceived …

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BSOP Online (Season 2)

Taking online courses allows you to learn whatever you want, whenever you can, and wherever you desire. Attending a class is made easier without going to the classroom. Your instructor would assign a day and time that meets your availability, together with your classmates, for a video group chat using Google Hangouts. With G Suite …

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Lasting Lessons from Life Ecclesiastes 11:1-12:14

By Rev Anthony Hao I like a quote from writer Ernestine Ulmer. She’s famous for her saying, Life is uncertain, eat dessert first. Many are not aware that the saying actually came from the story of a lady who loved dessert. But one day she put off eating her dessert until later that evening. The …

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