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The Parable of the Lost Chinese-Filipino Sheep

by Samson Uytanlet, PhD   There is man who owns a hundred sheep which he placed under the care of four shepherds. The one hundred sheep were placed in one sheep pen, and each shepherd was assigned a quadrant within it. The first shepherd is the oldest among the four. His three younger peers perceived …

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The Recent Twenty Five Years of BSOP

In Commemoration of BSOP’s 45th Anniversary by Joseph Shao, Ph.D. There’s a famous Chinese saying which goes: “It takes ten years to plant a tree but a hundred years to build a man.” BSOP may not be in its centennial celebration, but these forty-five long years have brought amazing fruits and deeper truths that continue …

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The First Twenty Years of BSOP

In Commemoration of BSOP’s 40th Anniversary by Elder Henry Co See Cho (Translated by Prof. Jean Uayan) It was a new event in the history of the Philippine Chinese churches when BSOP was established. Looking back, it is clear that God has accomplished many of His plans through this seminary. Over its forty-five year history, …

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